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A Glory Seed Devotional
Words of Hope from Jesus’ heart to your heart…

“We are sure about all this. Christ makes us sure in the very presence of God. We don’t have the right to claim that we have done anything on our own. God gives us what it takes to do all that we do. He makes us worthy to be the servants of his new agreement that comes from the Holy Spirit and not from a written Law. After all, the Law brings death, but the Spirit brings life.” (2 Corinthians 3:4–6, CEV)

Words come and words go but there are words, words of the Father that will stand against the shifting sands of time. Never in a thousand lifetimes will you ever understand completely these five words, “But the Spirit gives life.”

Many define life in terms of the human body’s ability to support physical life. Many define death in terms of the human body’s inability to no longer support physical life. Humans think they know all there is to know about life and death yet in reality, they know so little. True life and death cannot be defined in the realm of time. In the beginning life was not given to humankind only to expire after an elapsed period of time.

All that you can experience with your five senses including the earth and even the seemingly lifeless rocks and even beyond that has life. Those who have accepted the life of the Spirit will experience the divine life not only in all things but every aspect of their lives as well. Where there was hopelessness, hope will live. Where there was anxiety and conflict peace will live. Where there was brokenness, wholeness will come alive. Where there is helplessness divine assistance will come alive. Where there is weakness, strength will come to life. Where there is repentance, forgiveness will live.

Let my words to Nicodemus filter through your life experiences then in faith allow my Spirit to take you into areas of life and discover your life, as you’ve never known it. “The wind blows where it wants to and you hear the sound of it, but you don’t know where the wind comes from or where it is going. It is the same with every person who is born from the Spirit.” (John 3:8, NCV)


Anticipate! Experience! Believe! Be transformed!
Grace and PEACE, Amen!

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Jesus said, “I am the light for the world! Follow me, and you won’t be walking in the dark. You will have the light that gives life.” (John 8:12, CEV)

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