A Glory Seed Devotional
For someone who may not read this…

I am writing this for someone who may never read it, in particular for someone whose life has been crushed, bent, and nearly broken by the winds of adversity, whose flames of hope are nearly extinguished. Some of them may be in our own families. Some of them we may work with. Some of them we may consider enemies. Some of them will be strangers we pass but somehow we will silently be drawn to them. Some of them may attend church with us. I know who they are. You know who they are.

My reason for writing to them is simple we have a message for them from God. He wants us to pray for them and if possible let them know (if the chance arises) to let them know he loves them and because he cares enough for them he sends them his Best, he sends Jesus and wants them to know… “He won’t break off a bent reed or put out a dying flame, but he will make sure that justice is done.” (Isaiah 42:3, CEV)

Once was a time, not long ago I was that person. The cold harsh winds of adversity blew and blew, first this way, then the opposite way and no matter how hard I tried to keep the flames of hope burning bright the greater power seemed to getting the upper hand. But someone was praying, someone was reaching out beyond themselves to a God who cared, to a God who wanted to bless me and give me his Best. And the prayer’s were persistent and eventually the hands of Jesus strengthened me where I was bent and breath of the Holy Spirit reignited the flames of hope. And years later because someone prayed God’s simple message for me the winds of adversity still whip me back and forth but Jesus is my strength and the Holy Spirit continues to keep the flames of hope burning bright.

I am writing this for someone who may never read it, but now it is time to start praying God’s simple message of love and support for them. And if possible to even help get the message to them. Oh, and by the way I am also writing this for you who are reading it. While the details of my story may be unique to me God’s part of the story, Jesus’ part of the story, and the Holy Spirit’s part of the story are yours as well.

“Here is my servant! I have made him strong. He is my chosen one; I am pleased with him. I have given him my Spirit, and he will bring justice to the nations. He won't shout or yell or call out in the streets. He won't break off a bent reed or put out a dying flame, but he will make sure that justice is done. He won't quit or give up until he brings justice everywhere on earth, and people in foreign nations long for his teaching.” (Isaiah 42:1-4 CEV)

Anticipate! Experience! Believe! Be transformed!
Grace and PEACE, Amen!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Jesus said, “I am the light for the world! Follow me, and you won’t be walking in the dark. You will have the light that gives life.” (John 8:12, CEV)

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Scriptures marked CEV, “Scripture taken from the Contemporary English Version © 1991, 1992, 1995 by American Bible Society, Used by Permission.”