A Planting of Faith Seeds for the Glory of the LORD

“The LORD has chosen everyone who is faithful to be his very own, and he answers my prayers.” (Psalm 4:3, CEV)

Probably no one feels more chosen than a person who has been adopted into a loving home by parents who put their lives on the line for someone who does not belong.

Going through life are children who have become victims of circumstances beyond their control and find themselves in the foster care system. They become children stripped of dignity and stripped of a home and a family. They are forced to live lives of mistrust, of fear, and of hopelessness. Journeying through life are children hungering for love, for acceptance, for hope, for peace, to belong, to be chosen. The journey of adoption is the journey of a child, of perspective parents.

The journey of adoption is also our journey. Because of a little three letter word called sin we have been estranged from our Heavenly Father. As a result we journey through the dark side of human existence living a life of pain, hopelessness, and loneliness searching for the love of our Heavenly Father. Wandering aimlessly through life we find ourselves thrust into the foster care of pride, the foster care of possessions, the foster care of fame and fortune. But left in their wake deep inside we are still plagued by the hunger for our Heavenly Father and we find ourselves on the journey of adoption.

But our Heavenly Father has sent his Son Jesus to walk the dark side of human existence to light its path, to chase away our darkness, to give us release from our pain, to us bring hope, and give us a feeling of belonging. Wandering purposefully through life Jesus exposed the futility and powerlessness of pride, the futility and powerlessness of possessions, the futility and powerlessness of fame and fortune. Jesus came to take the role as our Advocate our Intercessor to our Heavenly Father.

The journey of adoption is a journey of Divine compassion, of Divine Love, and a journey of new beginnings. No longer will darkness haunt the adoptive child, nor will hopelessness and loneliness be his/her constant companion. As the Heavenly Probate Judge signs our adoption decree with the blood of his Son we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by a loving family. Even before the blood dries on the adoption decree there is celebration in the family. Angels fly through heaven spreading the word, “This is a time for celebration because another chosen one has found an eternal home with us.”

The chosen one feels loved, feels the greatness of Jesus Christ pulsing in his/her life. Filled with an indescribable sense of joy, hope, peace, and love the chosen one runs up to the Heavenly Father and gives him the biggest hug ever. As tears of joy well up in the Father’s eyes all of heaven fall silent as two embrace.

Believe it! Experience it!
Grace and PEACE!

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“Turn to the LORD! He can still be found. Call out to God! He is near.” (Isaiah 55:6, CEV)

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Scripture marked CEV are taken from the Contemporary English Version © 1991, 1992, 1995 by American Bible Society, Used by Permission.