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Deeper Waters is founded on the belief that the Christian community has long been in the shallow end of Christianity while there are treasures of the deep waiting to be discovered. Too many in the shallow end are not prepared when they go out beyond those waters and are quickly devoured by sharks. We wish to aid Christians to equip them to navigate the deeper waters of the ocean of truth and come up with treasure in the end.

We also wish to give special aid to those often neglected, that is, the disabled community. This is especially so since our founders are both on the autism spectrum and have a special desire to reach those on that spectrum. While they are a special emphasis, we seek to help others with any disability realize that God can use them and that they are as the Psalmist says, fearfully and wonderfully made.

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Geisler Is Out There Again

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  • Geisler Is Out There Again

    Well here's all the details I know about this project right now:

    But it looks like Geisler is about to write a book on the Historical Jesus. Who's contributing?

    Norman L. Geisler, Ph.D., Chancellor, Veritas Evangelical Seminary; Distinguished Professor of
    Apologetics and Theology
    F. David Farnell, Ph.D., Senior Professor of New Testament, The Master’s Seminary
    Richard G. Howe, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, Southern Evangelical Seminary
    Thomas A. Howe, Ph.D., Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages, Southern Evangelical Seminary
    William E. Nix, Ph.D., Professor of Historical and Theological Studies, Veritas Evangelical Seminary
    William C. Roach, Ph.D. candidate, Co-Author of Defending Inerrancy
    Dennis M. Swanson, D.Min., Vice President for Library and Educational Assessment

    Not one historical Jesus scholar I see on there. Of course, I'm sure this has nothing to do with Michael Licona. Not one bit! I anticipate arguments like "Greco-Roman biographies are pagan!" or "If we hold to this belief, it will deny Inerrancy, therefore it can't be true!" or "Use the literal sense unless the plain sense is nonsense."

    # of scholars on the Historical Jesus who will consider this a serious and worthwhile contribution?


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