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Where Are The Adults?

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  • Where Are The Adults?

    Does District 211 have any adults in it?



    Are there any adults in the room? Letís plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

    Recently, a school in district 211 in Illinois allowed for a transgender boy to have full access to the girlsí locker room. This was voted on by people who are called adults and after, you see the boy crying as heís so happy about this decision. You see another student crying, but itís for a different reason and sheís a girl, so what do we care. Right?

    You see, this girl actually has some concerns about being naked around a boy, and in particular a boy she doesnít know. You could say for all we know many of these girls get naked around boys often, but that would be by their own decision. Outside of marriage, I still think itís wrong, but nevertheless, it is something different.

    The girl in the video is scared about this prospect and who can blame her? Many women have a hard enough time getting naked in front of other women. Just yesterday I was reading an article by Shaunti Feldhahn on how she encourages women to let their husbands see them. Leave the lights on and donít hide from him. Why bring that up? Because even Christian women in Christian marriages to Christian husbands have a hard time sharing their bodies sometimes.

    After years of being married to a woman, I have come to the conclusion that when a woman shares her body willingly with a man, something sacred is going on. It is the ultimate message of trust that she is giving him. She is putting everything on the line knowing she could be rejected and the more freely she does it, the more she sends the message that she knows she wonít be. (Hint women. Thatís very appealing to us men when youíre confident in yourself.)

    Keep in mind that in marriage, this is talking about adult women.

    The school district has teenage girls.

    Whoís going to protect them?

    It used to be a thing of chivalry for a man to protect a woman. Feminists might get angry with me, but I donít care. I still hold open the door for a woman when I go somewhere. When I used to work at a movie theater and we would all get off work at midnight, I would walk out with everyone else and I told the girls the same message. If someone comes after us, run. Donít look back. Donít worry about me. You just run and protect yourself. After all, the theater was at a mall and who knows who could be out there late at night?

    Who was supposed to protect this girl and others like her in District 211? Adults.

    Where were they?

    You see, most of us still hold to the common-sense reality that a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. You donít change your sex based on how you feel any more than you can change your age or your height or your weight. We still hold that we need to show love to people who say they are transgender, but weíre not doing favors by giving into what we think is a delusion.

    We also know that this has no end really. So this boy who identifies as transgender gets to have access to the girlsí locker room. How many guys in that school district now are saying to the others, ďHold my beer.Ē? (And again, they shouldnít be drinking, but we know it happens.) How many will identify as girls just because, well, this might be a shock to you, but men and boys typically enjoy seeing naked females?

    Who is to say that these boys arenít transgender after all? Could they not claim discrimination? What is the test for someone who is truly transgender and who isnít? Hint. There isnít one. All we have is their say so.

    These adults who voted were supposed to protect the girls in their district. They didnít. If the girls feel betrayed, it is for good reason. They are being told that their feelings are subservient to those of a boy. Are you listening feminists out there?

    The district should be ashamed of itself for this horrid treatment of the women and especially the young women in their midst, but what can be done? Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it. What can be done to help stop the insanity?

    First, protesting peacefully is always good. Let the district know what you think. Contact Congressmen and Senators. Pull your children out and homeschool them or get them in other schools.

    Second, if youíre a student at the school, do what you can to protect. Try to encourage real manliness at your school if youíre a man. You see, if a real man wants to see a womanís body, he wins her heart. He doesnít claim to be transgender to get a free peep show or ask for sexts from her or sit at a computer watching pornography. A real man protects a womanís body and allows her to share it when she wants to and with who she wants to.

    Third, if youíre a girl, if you have to quit the sports teams. You can practice at a gym elsewhere and if the sports start losing support, the school starts losing support. If you donít change anything, then nothing is going to change.

    Ultimately, most of this falls with the parents. There werenít adults in the room apparently when this vote took place. Be the adults. If you need to, run for school board yourself. Take charge of what is going on around you. Be as gungho for reality as others are for a delusion.

    There was an age when men protected women.

    We can still have that age.

    In Christ,
    Nick Peters

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