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CIA's government Funded Paranormal Projects For War Espionage

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  • JohnHermes
    The cold war of the psychic agents. They have other stuff on freemasonry as well. I was reading the link to the "secret teaching of all ages". I find it pretty weird they had that text up.

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  • rogue06
    IIRC, the initial effort was in response to multiple stories that Russian researchers had made significant strides in paranormal research and I guess they didn't want there to be a "psychic gap."

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  • seanD
    Originally posted by mikewhitney View Post
    maybe they were interested in identifying gullible people.
    It was initially covert. Who were they trying to find as gullible, their own agents?

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  • mikewhitney
    maybe they were interested in identifying gullible people.

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  • CIA's government Funded Paranormal Projects For War Espionage

    The CIA use to conduct a lot of paranormal research(which they still do). The stargate project is one of them which they would research specifically on remote viewing. Remote viewers can see distances of places or people they've never seen. Of course this was a great weaponization tactic for the government. It's all their website for public knowledge.

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