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Creepiest war

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  • Creepiest war

    Which war was the creepiest?
    I am become death...

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    Originally posted by Ana Dragule View Post
    Which war was the creepiest?
    That depends a lot on how you define "creepy" in this context.

    I would say WWI could be a contender for how it changed how people viewed the world (much more pessimistic). The 30 Years War is another just for its wanton cruelty where each side tried to outdo the other for atrocities.
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      The recent civil war in Uganda where one side fought with an army of child soldiers certainly qualifies.
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        Hands down, it's the war against poverty.
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          The Turks battled Vlad Tepes to the door of his castle, then left in disgust at seeing his impalings.
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            Originally posted by Cow Poke View Post
            Hands down, it's the war against poverty.
            No. the war that soggified bacon.


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