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Younger Men Hitting on Older Women

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  • Younger Men Hitting on Older Women

    Kinda a weird discussion but here I am, mid-fourties and I've had more men "hit" on me in the past year than I've had the past two decades. And they are 15-20 years my junior. So, my question is...what do you think is up with that? Do you think its a new craze, like a contest or a joke? Do you think they think older women would be easy (and I am obviously older with wrinkles to prove it)? Or that older women would be more likely to have money to spend on them? Do they just want a grandma-age woman??? What's up with this? I find myself responding more like a mother to them. Maybe that's what they want?! It's so crazy to me, I just don't get it. I never had this much attention when I was you think they see older women as easy prey?

    Anyways, I'm happily married and all, but I was just curious as why this could be happening so suddenly. I'm thinking it's probably like a new joke or something. It's just weird.
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      You fellows are not supposed to be in here!

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        I had a funny one last year. Had a profile posted on PoF. A guy replied to it. Said his age was 22 or 25 (I forget); I was 33 at the time. He looked 17-19 though. He kept on spamming me "Will you go out with me? Please? Please? Please?" like whining and begging was going to get a response. I remembered him because his first name was Sergio and my son's first name is Serge, kind of an unusual choice.

        A few days later, I'm checking out at Wal-Mart and the cashier is Sergio. It's him. He begins complimenting my red hair and commenting on how "gorgeous" I am. I'm kind of uncomfortable and I say, "Thanks, hey, my son has almost the same name as you." And he says, "I could be your son." Oh no, sweetheart, incest, not sexy.

        Fast forward another day or two and I get another message from him, different account, but no name on the account. He says my red hair is gorgeous. I say, "I know, Sergio; you told me so in the check-out line at Wal-Mart the other day." He offered me some kind of pep talk about how I was sure to find someone (thanks, didn't need it) and shuffled off.

        I also worked as an election judge in March last year. One of the almost-high-school-grads I worked with later began texting me and trying to hit on me. I sucked it up and told him I wasn't really comfortable dating someone 15 years my junior. Haven't heard from him since.
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          I think there's something about the confidence of a woman as she comes into her own between the ages of 35 and 45. Somewhere in here she appreciates she's done some valuable work in her life. If her work has not been valued by others, at this point she figures out her work has been worthwhile, even if it was unpaid or not well paid. Somewhere in here she's beginning to think about the challenges of what she'll do next. The part where she's figuring what to do next is something in common with those late-blooming younger males who are now hitting on her.

          Also, young scardy-cat boy-men like to hit on older women, because older women will not want to have children with them. Women their own age want to make homes and families and have responsibility. So the boy-men hit on the very young women and women who may have aged past fertility.


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