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I feel terrible...

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  • I feel terrible...

    So before I ever got married, there was a guy I was in love with. We were childhood sweethearts. We didn't officially get to date because he moved away at one point and when he moved back I moved away. In the summer of going into my senior year of high school, we got back in touch and I visited him. But by then, he didn't have feelings for me anymore and was with another girl. He knew I still loved him, and made out with his girlfriend right in front of me. It really hurt. I later talked to him on the phone and he asked what I thought about her. I told him I thought he deserved better because she was getting into a lot of trouble with the law. Even if better isn't me I thought he deserved better than her. I guess he didn't like that answer because he stopped talking to me and eventually blocked me on Facebook. That's been several years ago. Last night I found out he's been happily married for two years. I feel like a horrible person though because I had hoped after how he treated me he would never get married and be happy. I mean, I'm happily married to someone else and would choose my husband over this guy any day, but it still angered me that he got married. Am I a terrible person?

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    Umm no not at all. We all think things and say or do things in a moment of jealousy. Its being human. That does not make you a "terrible person" It means you are just like everyone else. Completely normal. I suppose the rest of us of are either absolutely terrible too, or just human. We can more or less embrace the fact that we have loves, and learn to love ourselves the way God loves us despite our flaws. I think that's most important. I'm still learning this too
    A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
    George Bernard Shaw


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      Thanks :)