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should women change their names?

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  • should women change their names?

    Should women change their names when they marry? Same, hyphenated, separated as a two word last name or a middle name? What think you?
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        on the topic, I think it should be discussed between the couple before they get married. I personally changed mine both times as I wanted to be known as my husbands wife. It can get very confusing when the women has a different last name and then if you have kids do you then give them the fathers last name or yours or both? plus if the kids have the fathers last name when you get calls or have to go in it gets very confusing for staff and the kids


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          *resurrects old thread*

          I did a post on this:

          Men telling me that they want me to change my name "because it's important for the family to be under one name, for unity" bugs the crap out of me. Did they miss the part where I have kids? What name do they think my kids have??

          And the reason my kids have the last name of the father who abandoned them rather than the mother who is raising them is because I changed my last name after getting married and surrendered to our idiotic patriarchal/patrilineal naming system.

          I couldn't wait to change it back to my maiden name when I got divorced, and I'm not changing it again.
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