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Patriarchy, in a bad way

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  • Patriarchy, in a bad way

    I'm recently come out of a church culture that was heavily patriarchal. This has changed my view of churches--I believe they need women's voices and women in decision making positions to be healthy. I've become interested in things like the Junia Project, which gives me a lot of hope for finding a new church home, or that the body of Christ is growing into fully embracing both its sons and daughters. I would love to hear your perspectives on women in the Christian church. Am I kidding myself in hoping for a post patriarchy?

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    Sister... my church practice the egalitarian model...but judging from the overall sound of your posts I've read, you are coming from a great deal of hurt that might not be *all* about the church culture you came from. Do prayerfully seek out a church...with your husband (I think you said you remarried?). Seek healing as well.
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      not sure what Junia is, I am not one thats into all the labels in Christianity.... however my experience with church has been great as far as women in positions of authority. my last church had a male pastor but he had women in leadership roles such as children's ministry, intercessors, organisational roles. My current church is run by a couple both the husband and wife are pastors and we have women in all sorts of roles. :)


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        Junia here refers to the person mentioned by Paul in Rom 16:7 along with Andronicus. It appears that in later manuscripts the name was changed to "Junias" to make it male rather than allow the idea that a female might have been considered an apostle. Hence the Junia Project, created to encourage the concept of women in full leadership ministry roles.

        I don't know enough about this passage to say either way...but there is evidence of other women in ministry, so...

        But my prayer for just Johnna is for her healing first and foremost.
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