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  • Peri-Menopause

    ok Ladies,
    who has reached this stage of their life or been through this stage? I am just reaching it but think it may have been going on for over a year, I just wasn't aware of symptoms.
    We all hear about Hot Flashes/flushes and mood swings but we hardly ever hear of the dizzy spells, anxiety, irregular menstruation, the light period which suddenly turns into a river and ends up causing us to leave wherever we are embarrassed and maybe even going home suddenly.
    so what do you do? what do you take? what helps? what doesn't?
    what has it been like for you?

    I haven't had the privileged of learning about this stuff from my mum or grandma or other female relatives as mum had cancer at 49 and then all that entails and then passed at 55 so her symptoms would have been masked by chemo etc and it wasn't talked about. I left USA when 2 so no family besides mum and dad and 2 sisters who are younger. No older friends who have talked about it and mum and dad moved so much that there was never a mum like figure around.

    so for me this is new and I am having to do google searches.
    for me over the past 5 years I have developed reactions to foods like mushrooms, gluten, lactose and never thought it could be related to menopause. I was reading stuff online the last week and I was like wow! I never knew how much peri menopause affected you and how long it goes for I was thinking you hit menopause your monthlys get irregular then stop and you have some hot flushes and mood swings now and again.

    however I am learning that hormones change (kinda like when your a teen), you get acne, mood fluctuations, indigestion, heart palpitations, anxiety. dizzy spells, hot flashes, night sweats and the list seems to go on.

    so anyone care to share experiences of what has helped or helping what has been totally useless? how have you coped with sudden surges in menstruation etc

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    I'm in early peri-menopause. I take a combo of mood stabilizers, and I would like to take natural progesterone. Diffusing Clary Sage, Patchouli, Marjoram, and Thyme seems to help as does turning on the fan for hot flashes. I drink Non-GMO locally produced soy milk. and stay away from crappy carbs. if you crave chocolate eat it dark. craving sweets? There are great desserts (sweet potato mixed with honey and baked oats and cinnamon and butter) there's others too. Lots of proteins, carbs should come from rich whole grains (unbleached, uncracked such as bulghur, quinoa, sorghum, muesli, uncracked wheat, full grain barley rye buckwheat brown rice beans, lentils, tubers, fruits, squashes, vegetables, honey, oats, as far as protein goes, fish, shellfish (bivalve) crab, lobsters, shrimp, (unless you have an allergy) eggs, lean meats (i.e.) lean steaks, poultry, or wild game. And it goes without saying a lot of vegetables or what we say are vegetables in many colors. I'm still working to find out what I can and can't have, and milk seems to be one of them so I end up using whipping cream in my coffee, and stevia. for the bleeding I use pads and depends and diffuse a lot of oils. I take midol, drink more soy around my period and eat licorice or drink tea with licorice marshmallow root and ginger.
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      thanks Catholicity I cant have stuff with Gluten but the other stuff sounds like its worth a try...I love liquorice but finding it without flour to make its nearly impossible here. presently doing sugar and milk free and using pure cream for coffee. I use frozen dates as a treat instead of chocolate or other sweetened stuff so will see how that goes...only been doing it a week.
      I have been looking at getting some period panties, for when its light and could possibly gush when out, I have read a couple blogs...


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        ugh indigestion woke me up last night thought I was having a heart heart attack, didnt get much sleep then all day today its been annoying me, I have hardly ever in the past had indigestion...not fun


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          Licorice is supposed to be good for indigestion. I would try it in tea form. (sometimes they mix it with ginger, and marshmallow root) yum Hain's Celestial Seasonings makes a tea called "tension tamer" and can be ordered on line from amazon if you can't get it at the grocery store. Its all herbal. And I have success with the licorice in the tea. you can also order peppermint essential oil (I prefer plant therapy in America but you may have a local maker you know and trust) and put one or two drops in a glass of distilled water. Peppermint extract from the grocery store will have the same effect. just a couple drops in water. and drink. Cinnamon is supposed to be good for heartburn but I've not used it outside of tea or a diffuser (it works in those situations.)
          A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
          George Bernard Shaw


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            I have found now and again I get anxiety attacks, usually at night when I want to sleep. They are different to any anxiety I have had before in that I start to nod off and the anxiety wakes me up again it's strange.
            I am hoping This peri menopause thing doesn't last toooooooo long


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              I wonder if that's different than regular anxiety? My anxiety has gotten worse in my 30s, but I don't think I'm in periomenopause...
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                Thespia, from what I am learning perimenopause can start in your 30's most women start around 40 but there are definitely women I have encountered on forums who have started earlier with anxiety and other symptoms they never had before


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