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Man kills grizzly bear with a knife

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  • Man kills grizzly bear with a knife

    Sat, August 25, 2007

    Bear buster had no choice

    Hunter kills mother grizzly bear with knife as she charged and attacked


    GRANDE PRAIRIE -- A hunter who fought off and mortally wounded a charging grizzly bear last week said he had no chance to run and was forced to defend himself.

    Chris McLellan, 32, was scouting locations for bow-hunting in a farmer's oat field about 25 km southwest of Grande Prairie Aug. 15 when he ran into the mother grizzly with three cubs.

    McLellan said the bear had been partially concealed by a knoll in the field and he didn't see her until she stood up in front of him 60 yards away.

    "I started to shake, man," McLellan told Sun Media as he continues to recover from his injuries at an Edmonton hospital.

    "I had a camouflage mask on so I took that off so that she could see that I was a human, thinking that would scare her away. I started waving my arms and screaming and it never fazed her. She just dropped down to all fours and charged."

    There was no room for choice, said McLellan, as the distance was too short and the bear would have run him down.

    "She never slowed down," he said.

    "She never made a turn. She was attacking. There was no bluffing. She just stared into my eyes the whole time and you could just hear her coming, huffing and puffing across that field."

    McLellan had driven out to the field down Secondary Highway 666 before turning onto Range Road 73 and driving about four km.

    He had only a digital camera and a hunting knife with 12-inch blade when he encountered the bear.

    "I put my knife above my head and waited for her to hit me," he said. "She just mowed into me like a football check."

    The grizzly rammed into his stomach and then grabbed his left arm with her jaws. As the two went down, McLellan plunged the knife into her back between the shoulder and neck.

    The bear then bit him on his torso and his right arm but McLellan managed to stab her again twice in the neck.

    The grizzly then turned and walked way, allowing McLellan to get up even though his left arm was now broken.

    "I didn't even look at her at all," he said.

    "I didn't even know I had killed it until the following day."

    McLellan then met a farmer who called 911.

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    Take that, females!


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      I had a friend who killed a grizzly in a hand to hand battle. I have shared this before on TWeb. Good for this guy.
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          That was awesome too. Darn makes me want to be like that.


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            If you are fascinated or interested in these types of stories then you will enjoy these two books that I have.

            Killer Bears copyright 1981 by Mike Cramond and...

            Maneaters copyright 1981 by Peter Hathaway Capstick

            I never get tired of reading these books over and over....
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