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Cannabis? now becoming legal in a number of states. Any tokers out there.

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    I've never tried it. But, I don't have a problem with people that do enjoy it, so long as they do so responsibly (considering the very high THC content in marijuana these days and the prevalence of people driving while impaired using multiple substances).

    As benefits from current drug laws go, the only real benefit I see here is to the drug cartels. I understand the law enforcement connection, but disagree that they're really benefiting. There's plenty of enforcement action to be taken with more dangerous drugs, and I'd like to see the revenue from marijuana shifted from cartels to the government. If we can weaken the cartels, increase tax revenue and also lower our governments' expenses...then why not?
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      Originally posted by T-Shirt Ninja View Post
      I don't smoke it and never plan to but I'm for legalization since it's not a dangerous drug.
      I would never say that it wasn't dangerous but it certainly seems far less so than the others.

      The important question is does smoking marijuana* cause you to get the munchies for bacon? I never could tell considering that I ALWAYS have the munchies for bacon

      * anyone else old enough to remember when the government tended to spell it as "marihuana" and the users called it "grass"?

      I'm always still in trouble again

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        Its safer than alcohol, legalize it, regulate it, and tax it. Moderation in all things boys and girls, can't go wrong. A joint can last me a month, sometimes longer, and it would be so much more convenient to be able to pick it up at the corner store than to look for a dealer with a supply on hand, or being busted simply for smoking mother nature.


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