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The Pastor's Bossy Babysitter

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  • The Pastor's Bossy Babysitter

    My children were quite young - George was 5, Bob was 1 (these are not the real names of my daughters ) and things at Church were quite busy.

    My wife is not an "up front" person, in that she doesn't like being up in front of the Church, or getting recognition, or drawing attention to herself. She's a very easy "I'll do whatever I can, and help wherever, but I don't want to be "up front"" type person, and has been a real support to me, as husband/Pastor.

    Ms. Smith (her real name) was an older lady who liked to volunteer at the Church. She'd answer phones, help print the bulletin -- anything we needed. She was always looking for "holes in ministry" where she could fill in, but she was very clear that she wasn't "an evangelist" and didn't feel comfortable "witnessing" or teaching or anything like that. But she loved children. She often helped in the nursery. And she loved my little daughters.

    One day, she stopped by my office and asked, "Pastor, do you have anything on your calendar for tonight". I had several meetings that evening, but I told her that Thursday was open, and she told me she wanted to stop by the house. I let my wife know that Ms. Smith was coming over, and, sure enough, about 6 PM, Ms. Smith rang the doorbell. I invited her in, and noted that she had her purse and a big handbag, apparently full of toys or something.

    She said, "one of the men at the Church wanted me to give you this" and she handed me a gift certificate (way back before "gift cards") for dinner for 2 at a nice local restaurant. She informed me that she was my Babysitter for the evening, and she was kicking me and my wife out of my house for a couple hours. You'd just have to know Ms. Smith -- she was an old battle axe, with a heart of gold wrapped in barbed wire. There was no arguing, and Mrs. CP and I got our things together and headed out the door, for a really great evening and a wonderful meal, knowing our children were in good hands.

    It didn't stop there.

    She said, "I know there are times you'd like to make a visit, and it's hard getting a babysitter at the last minute, so just call me". And she said, "if you DON'T call me, I'll just come over and kick you out of your house again."

    And she meant it. And she did. Kick us out, that is.

    I remember one time introducing a new couple to the Congregation on a Sunday Morning. She had grown up as a Christian, but he had never been to Church. Mrs. CP and I had visited in their home, and he accepted Christ as Savior, and she recommited her life. After Church, Ms. Smith came up to me and said, "Pastor, while I was at your house taking care of your children, I was praying for you as you visited that couple, and it's SUCH a blessing to hear what happened". I thanked her again for all she had done, and then she narrowed her eyes, and feigned a mean look and said, "Now don't you EVER CHEAT me out of the joy of taking care of your children so you can do the Lord's work!"


    Over the next few years, it was not uncommon for me and Mrs. CP to visit in the home of a prospect, knowing that Ms. Smith "had my back", AND was taking great care of my kids.

    Maybe you can't "be the Pastor" or "be the Missionary", but you CAN do something that frees them to be what God called them to be.
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