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Rigging the USS Enterprise with Sails.

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  • Rigging the USS Enterprise with Sails.

    Not NCC-1705. Not CVN-65. The newest aircraft carrier to bear the name - CVN-80! (under construction).

    "It is finished."

    With that, Jesus completed His work and surrendered His spirit. And the veil split in two.

    With that, the Temple, which had served in the gap between Israel and God, was decommissioned.

    With that, Israel, which had served in the gap between all humanity and God as the priesthood nation, was decommissioned.

    Because the true Intercessor had arrived.

    The USS Constitution served with great distinction during the age of sail. We still honor the service of ship and crew - and she still sits in her berth. But she will never be called into action again.

    There's a new ship in town - USS Enterprise.

    An up-to-date modern aircraft carrier - where USS Constitution was a frigate launched in 1797. We honor her by keeping her on the official register as a commissioned warship - but she is no longer fit for duty. She is but a pale reflection of the might of her modern sisters. Once the ultra-modern herself, she no longer serves the role she was built for - and never will again. Commissioned, but in name only.

    It's a pretty good analogy for Israel - not gone, not forgotten, but no longer fit for duty. That role goes now to the latest, greatest and truly penultimate, never to be surpassed flagship, the Lord Jesus Christ. He stands in the gap between God and Man as Israel never could - the true, perfect Intercessor.

    Israel is still God's chosen people just as USS Constitution is still a commissioned warship - but like Constitution, Israel is performing other duties. Neither serves her original purpose; in some regards, neither realizes she has been surpassed; but both remain honored servants. Constitution can still set sail under her own power - but she couldn't scratch the paint of even the venerable battleships, long since put out to pasture themselves. So much less so USS Enterprise. So to Israel is no substitute for Christ - no comparison at all.

    The question - often as an accusation - comes up from time to time, 'why don't you Christians keep all the laws, huh?'. Moral laws are equated with ceremonial because the accuser doesn't understand what Israel did for humanity - how it foreshadowed the coming of Christ by standing in the gap, holding His place.

    Like a small child standing in his Father's shoes - but doing his best, nonetheless.

    The ceremonial laws helped Israel do its job - like six pairs of socks stuffed in Dad's shoes - or more precisely like USS Constitution's vast web of rigging.

    A frigate's rigging is like a gigantic game of cat's paw - with a thousand strings. It's an incredibly complex machine - absolutely essential for Constitution - and absolutely ridiculous for Enterprise. What kind of idiot would attempt to rig a fully functional nuclear aircraft carrier with sails?

    Israel needed the ceremonial laws to set her apart as the priesthood nation. Christ, the Lamb of God, has no such need - nor do His children. Jesus, the Holy One, is set apart by God Himself and doesn't need the trappings of priesthood because He is the perfect High Priest.

    Just as we don't rig USS Enterprise for sail, we don't continue to use the ceremonial laws. Wind is good - nuclear is far, far better. We put aside the sails - and rev up the turbines instead. Our Intercessor is Master of the wind - not its subject.

    Full speed ahead!

    "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

    "Forgiveness is the way of love." Gary Chapman

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