'Cause, you should count them, ya know?

1) Power was cut off. I just assumed the church wasn't going to help anymore - I mean, it's been too long and I don't see any right to complain. No one had said anything and I don't ask questions if I can't handle 'no' - and I couldn't have. But the day after the power was shut off our treasurer asked me about it. They had just been busy and she was a bit upset that I hadn't said anything. Anyway, it's paid through July now - and the other major things (rent, water) are paid for the month.

2) Scamp is doing well. The last of the surprise kittens had been sick but is holding her own. Still too soon to be absolutely sure, but it's looking good. She's getting rambunctious when I take her outside but she comes pretty well when called.

3) I have a bed again! My futon wasn't that comfortable anymore and had finally died. I had some money from my refund check and got a cheap mattress from Wally World and slats from Lowes. A little spray paint on the old frame and voila, bed!!

4) And my own computer! It's a cheap laptop from Wally World but it makes life so much easier when I'm doing job hunt stuff. I can use autofill again - hey, it matters when you have to fill in so many!

5) My faith is doing good. It's something that worries me 'cause I was an atheist once but I'm doing good. I don't 'get' it, not really, but I do get that I follow Him, not the other way around. I still trust Him - that's huge because trust is the thing I have the most trouble with. Well, that may not be overly coherent, but God is good and I know it.

I think I'm leaving something out but I'll get it next time...