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I was hospitalized.

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  • I was hospitalized.

    Hey everyone. Yesterday afternoon I was released from the hospital after being there for over two days. I called an ambulance on early Sunday morning around 12:30 A.M. after I had been violently throwing up for several hours. I tried to sleep it off but I woke up and noticed that my heart was still racing pretty fast. I found out pretty quick that I had atrial fibrillation and my heart rate was over 200 at times and at one point it was up to 280. The next several hours at the ED my heart rate and blood pressure went up and down and bounced all over the place and I threw up a lot (it was worse than being seasick). I was admitted to the hospital and given multiple drugs (I don't remember what all they were) and the cardiologist gave me a drug that set my heart rhythm back to normal. I'm thankful for that because he told me that if the drugs didn't work he would have to shock my heart back to a normal rhythm. I also had a stress test the next day and it thankfully came out normal.

    What caused all of this? I'm pretty sure it was a cigar I had. I smoked a cigar and that's when the symptoms began. The cardiologist said that he thought that's what set the a-fib rhythm in my heart and that the cigar was probably contaminated in some way. Needless to say, I'm NEVER smoking anything ever again.

    Yeah, I've had quite an experience. My big worry now is the bills I'm going to have to deal with. I think insurance will cover most of it but it's still a lot to deal with.
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    Glad to hear you're okay.


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      Lord, have mercy!
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        wow. Thank God you are alright.


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          Wow, that is quite the experience. I know cigars have a large amount of nicotene in them, but that seems to be rather atypical.
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            Glad you're alright, TSN
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              Good to hear you are okay.


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                Glad you're okay - now quit worrying about the bills and make sure you don't freeze tonight!
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                  Also glad you are okay now. And will be praying about the bills.

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                    glad you're okay tsn. feel better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                      The important thing right now is that you're safe and stable, and praise God for that!
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                        Wow, glad you're doing better!
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