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Mom: A (Possible) Post-Partum Depression Story

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  • Mom: A (Possible) Post-Partum Depression Story

    A few weeks back, a twebber didn’t like that I trashed my mom’s political beliefs and that made me want to balance that with a great story about her. Praise or prayer would be appropriate, as she’s up there in age with a beleaguered ticker from a smoking habit she was never able to shake.

    She told me that after she had my sister, she was dealing with my dad who had a wicked case of manic depression, which eventually took his life. One day, my mom woke up feeling a mental and physical heaviness. Her inner thoughts were saying that her daughter might be better off dead so she wouldn’t experience a disintegrating father who was making their life a living hell. She says that that thought scared her. She immediately went to the yellow pages to discuss her feelings with a therapist.

    I don’t think she would have killed my sister, but I’m pretty impressed that she immediately sought help given how little understood this phenomenon was. There are dozens of great stories about my mom like this. She came from a family of crackpots and emerged as the one who learned the most from her broken upbringing.

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    That's a touching story Whag. We often forget the humanity of the screen name on the other side, and that in the end, we are all just trying to live our lives the best we can. We all have ones we love, and we all come from 2 parents (for good or bad). I appreciate the glimpse into your humanity. Thank you.
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      Thank you for sharing that story. Very glad that your mom got help quickly. Prayers for the smoking issues. I can attest to tobacco being the hardest thing to quit I ever faced.
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