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news and bad news

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  • news and bad news

    The good news is that my father and his wife are now proud parents of my little sister. Her name is Viola Aya and she was born yesterday. Seeing as that they are in California I can not see them, but I keep in touch.

    The bad news is that my little brother recently had his sinuses get reinfected. The buildup of pus almost killed him once. I pray to God almighty not only that the antibiotics work, but that my brother may live a vibrant life. He dressed up as Thor for Halloween and he loves Arsops fables and making people smile. His name is Isiaiah Stonewall. Most folks call him Stoney. I miss him. He misses his family.

    Another one of my brothers has manic depression. He is back on his medication, but when he gets off of it things can get scary really quickly. Please pray for him too. His name is Zach.

    Start a prayer chain.

    I already have with friends.

    I honestly have been through a lot

    work has been hard. I often wind up doing double shifts. I have school. Still I try to read the bible and pray and I am reading Dune. I am thankful for what God has done and is doing

    I need a hug.

    God help us all.

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    Securely anchored to the Rock amid every storm of trial, testing or tribulation.


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