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Robert Schuller

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  • Robert Schuller

    The Rev. Robert H. Schuller, California televangelist and founder of the television ministry "Hour of Power," died Thursday, according to his family. He was 88 years old.

    Schuller, also the founder of Crystal Cathedral megachurch, had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer in August 2013, a release from "Hour of Power" said.

    "My father-in-law passed away peacefully early this morning. He was a great Dad and a great man of God," said Schuller's daughter-in-law, Donna Schuller, in a Twitter message.
    That's what
    - She

    Without a clear-cut definition of sin, morality becomes a mere argument over the best way to train animals
    - Manya the Holy Szin (The Quintara Marathon)

    I may not be as old as dirt, but me and dirt are starting to have an awful lot in common
    - Stephen R. Donaldson

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