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Gerry - that fun witty lady

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  • Gerry - that fun witty lady

    None of you would know her.

    I have known her and her husband, Preston, for about 10 years.
    They remind me so much of my own parents, having come out of the great depression, having seen so many things in their life, having seen so many new things come to pass or be invented.

    She was a spry lady, with a very quick wit, always chipper, encouraging, and just fun to be around.
    She has been in a nursing home since the beginning of the pandemic - not pandemic related - she had had back surgery, which was wonderfully successful as far as her being able to stand and walk around.
    But she never quite seemed to get better.
    She seemed to be on a slow downhill grade.

    Yesterday, I stopped by the house (Preston lives in one of the duplexes that are part of the Nursing Home complex, and hasn't been allowed to be with his wife - only visit her from outside, looking in the window) and dropped off the Church's annual Christmas ornament.
    (I started a tradition last year, delivering Christmas ornaments to every home - the Christmas ornament has a manger scene on it, with the Church's name, and the year)

    Preston didn't answer the door - he is STONE DEAF, just like my Dad.
    But I left the ornaments (one for him, one for Gerry) in a Walmart bag hanging on the door with a note telling them I love them and are praying for them.

    Last night, Gerry went to sleep and woke up in Glory.

    Preston will do alright - he's quite a talented fella, amazingly skilled in woodwork and crafts - he was a decorated war hero, and it's interesting to see the intricate QUILTS he has made, and the beautifully detailed scroll work of the wood pieces he has made.

    Gerry was delightful - never complaining, always asking about us and people at church, always ready and willing to help - until she couldn't.

    But one of the most admirable things about these two - you could tell they genuinely loved each other even after 65 years of marriage.
    When she would tell a story on Preston, you could see the twinkle in her eye -- and almost every time, she'd say "and, you know, I'm the one who asked HIM to marry ME".

    The other admirable thing - they were faithful to our Church, and more importantly, to our Lord.
    EVERY Sunday they could come, they were here, until the last year or so.

    When I visit with Preston, I write on an erasable marker board, because he can't hear at all, even with two hearing aids.
    When I was ready to leave, and had prayer with them, Preston took the tablet from me, and drew a big "smiley face" on it, and gave me a "thumbs up".

    She's in Glory - he'll get back to his projects.

    The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.

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    I have a friend who lost his wife recently after 50+ years of marriage. They were high school sweethearts. He misses her so much. I keep praying for him and reminding him that they will be reunited (he is a Christian) and the he still has family here he can love and be with until then.


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