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    Originally posted by Sparko View Post
    I don't know of any way to donate without your name being revealed to us. We do keep it private. But don't worry about it. We ask for donations but don't require them. You are free to use Theologyweb without pay.

    And right now we are still waiting on Raphael to have time to do the upgrade.
    Is Raphael still around? I haven't seen any posts from him lately.
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      Originally posted by NorrinRadd View Post
      Is Raphael still around? I haven't seen any posts from him lately.
      He is just really busy with real life right now. Leonhard has joined our IT team to help whenever he has the time, but he is also very busy.


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        Sorry to do this again but I am back to beg for more donations.

        We are currently running about a $13/month deficit (spending more than taking in) and so we need some of you guys to step up and donate what you can. Just three $5/month donations would fix the shortfall.

        You can donate by clicking here

        You can donate monthly with $5, $10, etc, or make a one time donation below that.

        Thanks again!

        PS - and anyone reading this thread, the upgrade has been done and this is the new Tweb. We finished it in 2021.


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